Winter Pleasures


During the winter months, Samedan blossoms and shows off a unique magical charm that the entire family can treasure. Snow-draped slopes, glittering in the sun, thrilling sledging runs and cross-country skiing tracks in the unparalleled, multi-faceted landscape offer a true paradise for snow sport enthusiasts. In the ski areas sur­rounding Samedan, a total of 305 km of well- prepared ski slopes await to be explored on ski. Due to the ski area’s elevation and its modern snow-making infrastructure, there is always sure to be plenty of snow to enjoy. For excursions on the longer, skinnier cross-country planks, there are 200 km of idyllic, exhilarating tracks, ready to guide you through the broad valley. The pass road to Preda-Bergün, as well as the hiking trails of Muottas Muragl, are transformed into wild sledging runs. To keep the wonders of unforgettable snowy days going, there are a plethora of attractive mountain restaurants, offering an array of culinary delights and creature comforts.